Let´s walk…


In 1336 Petrarca walked his way up Mont Ventoux, in a journey that would become the beginning of humanism and the true defense of the aesthetics and enjoyment of Nature´s beauty. Much closer to us in time, in 1967,  a young Richard Long walked a straight line back and forward on the English countryside, while he was still student at San Martin´s School of Art; this action  would turn into another milestone, the beginning of the artistic friendship between performance and object.

Nature has always  been a subjecct for art,  an obsession for the artist, unable to grow apart from his most immediate context and not get emotional with it. This is precisely  what Ruth Peche covers in Traces,  when she performs her own walk and photographs, almost obsessively, everything that interferes whith nature.

There are debris, remains of a disrespectful human presence in the environment found before him. We must not forget that landscape is landscape because the  human trace is present; without the human being it would be a territory, a place not conceived with delimitation. The infinite extension of nature is also a subject  that Peche approaches in her work, where, in an almost spiritual exercise, connecting with the primitive, with the natural world,  allows us to understand, in a wide sense,  the vital importance of our relation with nature. The aesthetic, subversive, liberating and reflexive dimension of the act of walking remains portrayed in this series, where the body in space is much more than that. It is an invited element, at least temporarily, when entering the landscape.

Semíramis González.